Do’s and Don’ts for Your End Grain Board

Do’s and Don’ts for Your End Grain Board

End grain cutting boards are often considered the most durable wood kitchen boards out there.

And yes, they might outlive you.

Also yes, they have won the challenge against my pick up truck (watch the video below).

But, nothing lasts forever unless it’s used properly and cared for well.

So, I can guarantee you with a hand on my heart, that if you follow the tips below, your end grain cutting board will not only stay with you as long as you want, but look as good as the first day you held it in your hands.

End Grain Cutting Board Do’s

1 ) Clean after every use.

2 ) Dry after washing to reduce the moisture on the board.

3 ) Disinfect often or every time you cut chicken or fish on it.

4 ) Wax or oil regularly, at least one a month or more often if heavily used. Even if you see knife marks on your board, it is not too late, but it’s definitely time for a wax.

5 ) Feel free to cut, chop and serve anything on it, hot or cold.

End Grain Cutting Board Don’ts

1 ) Do not put it in a hot oven.

2 ) Do not put it in the microwave.

3 ) Do not put it in the dishwasher.

4 ) Do not put it in the freezer (fridge is okay).

5 ) Do not worry if you see that some foods “dye” the board. If you clean, oil and wax your board properly, the discoloration will disappear.

Also, it might not be a good idea to try my pick up truck experiment at home 🙂

I hope this guidelines are helpful for you to keep your end grain cutting board safe.

If you do, you will own one of the most durable and hygienic kitchen boards that exist. End grain cutting boards are also known for their antibacterial properties because the wood does not allow for water to remain on the surface and create environment for development of microorganisms (which isn’t the case with plastic boards, for example).

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