Rules of care of boards

Rules of care of boards

Boards Maintenance instructions

1. Do not leave the board wet and don’t submerge it into water for an extended period of time;

2. Protect it from prolonged exposure on direct sunlight, especially if you cook outdoor;

3. Do not place it in the microwave and don’t wash your board in the dishwasher;

4. Treat your board with oil finish at least once every month. You can repeat the procedure more often during the winter heating season. Treatment fills the pores of the wood and protects the board from over drying;

5. For best protection prefer beeswax, hard-wax or linseed oil;

6. Oil finishing products should be applied on each side of the board to prevent bending;

7. Edible oils such as sunflower, olive etc. are inappropriate for treatment. They become bitter after a while and spoil food taste.