The Making of an Yin & Yang Serving Board

The Making of an Yin & Yang Serving Board

Making end grain cutting boards is my favorite part of being a woodworker. There are other projects, however, that are dear to my heart and I truly enjoy making.

In the video below, I’m showing you one such project–the making of a Yin & Yang cheese serving and cutting board.

While the process is a bit different than the making of an end grain cutting board, it is just as interesting, challenging and demanding in terms of attention to detail, creativity and craftsmanship.

The Making of an Yin & Yang Serving Board

The Meaning of Yin & Yang

These Yin & Yang serving boards are very well accepted by everyone I show them to because of their meaning and truly make great engagement, wedding or even anniversary gifts!

I’m not usually the one to say cheesy things, make romantic statements or watch love-story movies but I do believe in the unbreakable and eternal bond of two souls that commit to see each other’s flaws and still choose togetherness every single day.

I strongly believe that true bond comes not from trying to please each other and being each other’s shadow but bringing out the best in each other and filling each other’s gaps.

We all have good sides and not-so-great ones, and when we find that person who fits with us like a puzzle, an unstoppable storm is born!

That’s why I chose this design–Yin & Yang has an ancient meaning, most commonly seen as good and bad completing each other. In fact, it symbolizes the duality of everything.

Man & Woman.

Life & Death.

Black & White.

Night & Day.

Tension & Calm.

The beauty of duality is that while the two opposing terms are very different from each other, they need to co-exist for each of them to have meaning and purpose. They are united and separate in the same time.

I find the meaning behind Yin & Yang very inspiring and thought-provoking.

On the more practical side, this board set just looks amazing on the dinner or party table because it’s unusual and can compliment your choice of appetizers.

For example, serving the cheese on the dark board and dark olives on the light one, can further increase the impression this serving board set will make on your guests.

Did you enjoy the video? Check out the final product here!