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End Grain Cutting Boards


What are handmade end grain boards

They are high-quality cutting boards, where the grains of the wood are perpendicular to the cutting surface. In standard boards the grains are parallel.

End grain cutting boards are widely used by professional cooks. What are their benefits?
The wood’s end surface is harder and long-lasting. Its firmness is nearly 1½ times higher compared to the side surface used in regular boards.

Using them keeps the knives sharp for a longer time without the need or sharpening them often. The extensive daily use of the cutting surface causes a number of tiny cuts of the grains. When the face isn’t durable enough small particles of wood can get in the food. Ordinary boards appear “cut through” in the center as a result of the intensive use and their softer face.

Protective finishing coating

End grain wood cutting boards feature layers of oil coating, protecting the grains from bacterial penetration. Furthermore, after chopping the grains “close” blocking the way of bacteria. Generally, wood boards maintain a higher level of hygiene compared to glass or plastic.

The handmade products are produced of extra quality wood with moisture content less the 8%. Our main materials are hardwoods such as ash, oak, walnut, horn beech, birch, maple mixed with hard American and African woods. All pieces are glued together with high bond Titebond III – the only adhesive with food grade certificate.

The multiple layers of finishing food grade oil protect against microorganisms but also contributes to the beautiful appearance of the surface. It saturates the wood color, while it’s odorless and tasteless. Some oils such as olive or sunflower are inappropriate for treatment as they become bitter after a while and eventually pass the taste to the food. Choosing carefully your cutting board guarantees its best performance over the years.

Stable work and longer life with rubber or plastic feet

All of the products have feet made out of rubber, wood or plastic. They prevent moisture from soaking in the reverse side of the board. Constant moisture without proper ventilation can make the board bend while drying. Their face is hard enough so it’s not necessary to use the bottom side. It will take years of cutting to damage the working side of the board.

All end grain boards are handmade. The crafting process is difficult and time-consuming. It takes 3-4 days for the fabrication of one piece with the time needed for the drying of the glue and the full oil absorption.