When it is necessary to treat the board with oil

When it is necessary to treat the board with oil

How often to oil cutting boards

How often you will treat your product with oils depends on several factors but the primal reason boards need oiling are the decreased levels of moisture in the air. Your board can stay in great condition for months when minor changes in the air moisture are present. However, the heating of the rooms decreases the moisture in the air causing unwanted drying of the wood. In winter months and in dry air conditions you need to treat your product more often.

How to know when to treat wood cutting board

Here are some bits of advice which will help you know when is necessary to take care of your board:
• It has become obviously brighter;
• Light spots start to appear along the board’s surface;
• The board’s face appears “dry” and rough on touching;
• You can feel micro cracks on the face side with your fingers, although they are invisible for the eye;
• Water and liquids get absorbed by the wood. Normally water should stay on the surface without soaking in.

All of these conditions are signs your products need special maintenance.