What do I process my products with?

What do I process my products with?

What products I use for treatment

Thick hard wax oil finish

The oil is completely natural and it’s chemical free, containing no drying agents free. In the mixture, I use strictly natural ingredients – boiled linseed oil, waxes, and carnauba. Before direct application, the finishing blend is warmed up to 80°C. The higher temperatures allow it to deeply penetrate the wooden surface. At home, the oil finish can be warmed in a microwave oven for 30-40 seconds or on the hot pot.

It is applied with a sponge or a brush. After 30 minutes the excess oil can be removed with a dry cloth. After 6 hours the wood is ready for the second impregnating coating. The board needs 12 hours to fully absorb the finishing oil.

Natural wax finish with goose fat

This product contains carnauba and beeswax, natural linseed, pine, and coconut oil as well as goose fat. The solution is highly water resistant and fills well the wood pores. It offers fine finishing working as a protective layer for woods exposed at outdoor conditions.

The application is easy – with sponge and requires no professional skills. You need to use a small amount of wax and rub it with circular movements into the surface. Be careful not to apply too much of the finish. After 24 hours the board is ready for polishing with a wool cloth.

If you use your end grain cutting board daily it is necessary to treat it with oils or wax at least once a month. You can use the product to treat and renovate all wooden cutlery and furniture in your home.