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Vector Plans for The Ultimate Cutting Boards Stand


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A game-change for every woodworker who sells at craft shows, festivals or any kind of physical location!

Any woodworker would agree that it’s incredibly hard to showcase end grain cutting boards because…

they are big (and we usually have limited space)
they are flat
they need to be visible from all sites.

That’s why I decided to invent something that will solve this problem forever!

While preparing for my next festival I made the

| Every Woodworker’s Dream End Grain Cutting Board Stand |


Vector projects for CNC router or laser.

The files give you the chance to modify the final product according to your needs.

You will need a laser that can cut material of such thickness.

The pattern is designed to be used with 8mm or 5/6 inch plywood.

For best results, use 3mm / 1/8 inch compression end mill CNC router bit.

I feel like I’ve discovered the spring of youth!

This stand:
shows up to 4 boards vertically or horizontally ;
is extremely lightweight;
can be put together in 20 seconds or less by you or your toddler;
fits in a handbag, flat so you have more space for your merchandise;
will change your life forever and make you feel like you’ve finally levelled up your woodworking game;
is sold as a digital pattern so you can DIY!

The DIY pattern will be immediately downloadable in .ai / . dxf / . eps format.


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