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Eco Commitment 

“I believe every person needs to be responsible for nature and his actions. This is why I donate an amount needed for planting one tree from every product I sell to the organization"

Momchil Dukanov
Boaz Woodwork

Our goal is to plant a million new trees in Bulgaria with the participation of more children, your people, and volunteers.
We believe every great adventure starts with a small step in the right direction. Everyone can make a change towards something good. When a lot of people led by selfless intentions gather forces to make the world more beautiful, good and clean place, then the whole Universe will help us!
We believe that by making good we can change ourselves, everyone, who take part and someday the whole world! We believe children are our future and if they are well informed, proactive and participate in the process of planting new forests, then the future will be more one responsible, caring and clean world.
Thank you for your support! The Earth thanks you! Together we can reach our goal.