Boaz Handcrafted Woodwork Opens Doors in Veliko Tarnovo

Boaz Handcrafted Woodwork Opens Doors in Veliko Tarnovo

It’s been over a week since I welcomed friends and fans to the opening party of Boaz’s new store in Veliko Tarnovo, so I think it’s time to share what went down with those of you who couldn’t make it.

The preparations had been going on for months and the end result was just what I expected–time well spent, positive vibes and lots and lots of cheers!

The shop displays Boaz end grain cutting boards, serving boards, wood home accessories and beer caddies, and also some incredible products from partners that I’m happy to share with the world.

It’s no surprise that making this dream come true was a very special project for me, but why should you care to visit just another woodworker’s shop?

Keep on reading to find out!

Why Veliko Turnovo?

First things first: Why Veliko Turnovo?

Why not open a shop in the capital of Bulgaria (where I actually live), you might ask.

Well, here is my why: I wanted to be close to other craftsmen and be able to meet people who appreciate real handcrafted pieces of art.

Veliko Turnovo is a cultural center and historic monument of Bulgarian heritage.

Veliko Turnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria, is brought to you with more than 7000 years of history. The houses, stacked one above the other, situated on the steep hills of the town, show a remarkable and unique architectural style. 

On top of that, Veliko Turnvo is a well-known center of traditional handcrafts in Bulgaria. The city holds a special energy and bring out a mood that is almost lost in the digital age.

Every year there are numerous festivals and events supporting craftsmen and introducing people from all over the world to Bulgarian traditions. The biggest event, Nosht na Samovodskata Charshia is a well-known international shopping and craft festival.

It takes place on the exact street where the new Boaz shop is located (see map below.)

What’s so special about this street?

Well, it’s a traditional Bulgarian craft street and to be considered for a store owner there one needs to posses a Master Craftsmen Certificate. It is not something easy to obtain and I showcase mine with pride.

So, I felt Veliko Turnovo was the right spot for my products and I was sure I’d be spending time with other amazing craftsmen and women!

The Gentlemen’s Club

But the Boaz store isn’t just home to a great selection of end grain cutting boards and wood home accessories.

It is also a home to my Gentlemen’s club.

Most people, when presented with a spare space in their new shop, would turn it into a storage room.

Unlike most people, I decided to make it a truly special area that will increase the feel-good of the whole store.

So, I created a gentlemen’s club.

It is a space where you can pamper yourself on a Chesterfield leather chair while reading a book and sipping on a drink.

And of course, my new vertical chess board deserves the central spot in it.

I think it goes without saying that everyone is welcome in the gentlemen’s club–men and women alike–for a glass of classy whiskey or Bulgarian rakia, high end coffee, a book exchange, a friendly talk or just to enjoy the smell and feel of wood around.

But I bet that most of you would come to join me for a game of vertical chess, am I right?

The Vertical Chess

The first time I laid eyes on a vertical chess I was overtaken by two feelings.

One is obviously awe for a fellow woodworker’s genius.

Two—the inner challenge question, “Can I make it?”

Well, I could not help it but try.

My vertical chess doubles as a wall art piece, don’t you think?

The brass chess figures compliment the whole interior and make every move special.

It’s gorgeous hanging on a wall in my new shop and really fun to play!

Good news is I made two vertical chess boards! While one will always be hanging on the wall of the shop, the other one is available for purchase right here.

So, I hope my story will inspire you to visit me if life gives you the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria.

The shop will be open Friday to Sunday until the end of the winter season and hopefully every day in the summer.

You can click here for the exact location or check out the map below.

Join me on the Samovodska Charshia street to try traditional food and marvel on folklore crafts while enjoying the famous Bulgarian hospitality!

See you in Veliko Tarnovo!